# 2 Kitty-Culprit – Fatty Calico

Fatty Calico, a.k.a Fat-Cat-Cal is still on the loose. He may be over-weight but he’s slick and tough to catch.


Fat-Cat-Cal had a good life…once.

He lived with a little lady in her little house on a little hill. Every morning Fat-Cat-Cal would look out of the little window gazing over the little pond where all the little fish swam. The little lady would then feed him a little breakfast out of his little bowl and give him a little pat on the head.  But for Fat-Cat-Cal this wasn’t enough. He was tired of the little lady, with her little house and his little meals out of his little bowl. So one evening when the little lady went to her little bed, Fat-Cat-Cal snuck out to the little pond and captured all the little fish. When the little lady found him, he was lying on his back, fat and full and all her little fish were gone.

Nobody quite knows what the little lady did or said to Fatty Calico that day, but he’s been on the run with the Feline-Fact-Thieves ever since.


Leave me your question to help put away this Fishy-Fatty Cat.


Krumbs Pet Detective   


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