Hey Kids,

See this funny-feline?  He’s number one on our capture list – Loco Lou.

Oh, he may look cute and cuddly, but that’s his very clever disguise.  He left his comfy home and endless supply of cat treats to join the feline-thieves.  Why?  Cause he was tired of the constant noise, interrupting his cat-naps. 

Loco Lou or Louie to his family, only wanted to lounge around eating kitty kibble all day.  However, Amy and Josh (the family kids) would awaken him to play, then start to ask him questions like…”Louie, why are you so lazy?”  Or…”Louie why won’t you chase your jingle ball?”

 It was more than Louie could take.  So he waited until Josh accidentally left the kitchen door open and he escaped.  Now he’s one of THEM – determined to put a stop to all questions.

Let’s catch Loco Lou and all the rest of these Feline-Thieves.  Remember to leave a question in the comment section.  That’s the only way we’ll lure Louie over here.  To help me out, CLICK HERE.


Krumbs  Pet-Detective                                             


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by allen on January 22, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    why do cats destroy legos?


  2. Tough question…but that’s what I’m here for, so let’s look at this.

    Cats are a tricky bunch, perhaps your cat is bored and is just playing with the legos and doesn’t really mean to “destroy” them.

    When I was a puppy I use to chew on a lot of things, but Cookie gave me my own toys and I soon learned what was mine and what I could chew on.

    Maybe your cat just needs a new toy to take its mind off your legos.

    Thanks for your question and Good Luck!



  3. Why do some cats chase their tails?


    • Good question!

      The flicking and twitching of a cat’s own tail will usually bring out their natural hunting insticts. They see this as a “challenge” and will immediately do whatever it takes to grab hold of it. This includes running in circles, somersaults, and some odd bending and twisting.

      We dogs do it cause it’s fun.


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