Hello World!

Krumbs Here

Guess what happened to me…

…I’m a dog-detective and it’s TOP SECRET – shhhh – even Cookie doesn’t know.

I’ve been asked by a special team of agents to help them stop a gang of nasty, feline-fact-theives.

Who are these crazy-cats? 

They’re one rufftuff bunch that are trying to stop YOU from learning anything NEW.  Can I depend on you to help stop their wicked plot?

All you have to do is ask – ask questions, that is.  Once these kitty-culprits see all your queries, they’ll be lured over here and we can nab them. 

I’m ready to use my super-sniffer-dog-detective skills to search out the answers for you.  Are you ready to help catch the feline-fact-theives?

Have fun and help get to work.  Leave your questions in the comments section…and be careful.

Krumbs – Dog Detective


8 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Krumbs,

    This is so cool, I want to help!

    Here’s my question…”how do snakes hold their breath under water?”


  2. Good question! I dug deep to find the answer for you.

    Like us, snakes have to hold their breath under water. But unlike us, they can hold it for much longer. For example, Sea Snakes can hold their breath for up to one hour while hunting and swimming under water.

    Scientists feel it’s because the snake was originally (way back in the dinosaur times) an aquatic animal and as it evolved it still maintained it’s fantastic underwater abilities.


  3. Posted by Matthew on July 24, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    What animal can hold it’s breath for the longest amount of time?


    • Good question Matthew!

      It took me some time but I sniffed it out. The animal that can holds its breath the longest is the saltwater crocodile. It can hold its breath up to 3 hours!

      Thanks for your help in drawing these tricky cats closer to justice.


  4. Why do cats think they are superior to dogs?


    • Excellent question!

      I believe this goes way back in history where cats were worshipped in the Egyptian culture. It is also said that cats were the first animal to be domesticated about 10,000 years ago. They were also highly regarded as they could hunt vermin such as small rodents and cobra.

      Now, I guess all this just went to their heads.


  5. Hmm, how about why do guinea pigs make so many different noises? Are guinea pigs are very noisy and keep the kitties awake at night 🙂

    (Visiting from Friendship Friday blog hop)


    • Great question! I had to sniff far and wide for this one and this is what I found out;

      1) Wheeking: commonly used in excitement or anticipation of treats.
      2) Purring noises: a) Deep purr – content b) high-pitched – annoyed c) short purr – afraid/uncertain
      3) Rumbling: male “romancing” a female. Female rumbling wants to be romanced
      4) Teeth Chattering: angry guinea pigs make this noise and often show their teeth – back off!
      5) Hissing: Angry! Look Out!
      6) Cooing: communicates reassurance – mother to babies
      7) Shrieking: Alram, fear or pain – Check out the situation!
      8) Whining: annoyance or dislike
      9) Chirping: this song-type sound is still under investigation!


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